Saturday, May 14, 2011

Sons of Turner 2011: Booth Bay, Maine - Day 4

Day 4: Pemaquid Point Lighthouse

The south eastern coast of Maine is divided into little finger-like peninsulas. Boothbay Harbor is at the southern tip of the peninsula that we are staying on, Pemaquid Point Lighthouse is on the tip of the next peninsula to the north-east.

After paying the $2 admission for the day, we wandered the premises and looked inside a few of the buildings available to the public. Inside the first one we saw this winch-like mechanism and an old anchor. This building had an awesome view of the immense, rocky shore.

The winch and the anchor...

Bob sat and worked on a really nice painting. You should see it...

The rocky outcropping looked like a titan had clawed it's way up to the surface and this shore was what remained of it's efforts. No matter how hard I tried to capture the immensity of the area and the long drops off the side of the cliff, these images do not evoke the immensity of the shore.

We had an awesome lunch at the little shop next door and I even got to see a gigantic moose come out of the woods and cross the road in front of my car... alas... no pictures...

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