Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sons of Turner 2011: Booth Bay, Maine - Day 5

Day 5: Rockland, ME

We took a trip to Rockland which is another port town. This place was a more middle of the road town in terms of population and class of people. The sky was gloomy but the rain held off the entire time we were there.

The Strand is a theatre where they offer HD operas and fine art performances via projection screens. Basically it's a movie theatre for people into the fine arts. MBK sat in Rock Town Coffee and Books and drew the building. He's got an incredible way of free hand drawing object in perspective and nailing it. So jealous...

This sign is not for a diner... it's for the Freeport Museum of Art. This piece is an installation at the top of the museum. It fooled me...

While wandering around Rockland I wandered down near the docks and noticed this at shrine at the bottom of a tree. It was not only creepy, but obviously the home of a worshiper of Dagon, the Philistine fish god.

After Rockland, MBK and a few others went out to procure lobsters for our dinner. Gabriella texted me with "The lobsters are staring at me from the back seat with puppy-dog eyes..." If the lobsters only knew what we had in mind for them back at the house...

Bob went to town on the little guys. At first he was a bit sad to throw the little guys into a boiling pot but he quickly grew accustomed to his role and killed the remaining 8 lobsters.

We did have an opportunity to paint one of our lobster friends before we sent him to his death. We named him "Nom-Nom" since we knew he was gonna be yummy... Morbid?

Little Nom-Nom never stood a chance...


  1. LOL, great post and photo of Bob, with an extra hand growing out of his neck. :)

  2. Haha! Ya - I never noticed that until you pointed it out... lol!